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This video has been shot during a first trip to Uzbekistan in October 2021 by Andrea Romani, in the context of JazzMaqom project and during the mission funded by the French Embassy in Uzbekistan.

Andrea Romani during his trip in Uzbekistan for the "Jazzaqom Project", here in Bukhara jamming with old traditional musicians in a beautiful Caravanserai.

By bringing the maqôms to life in a different way, it is also a question of making this form better

known as

in its original form as  a cultural 



We met on the street of Bukhara with Saddreddin Gulov and his Shashmaqom ensemble during the few days of my short journey to Bukhara. One morning I saw the students of the Old Medresa playing football, while somebody 50 meters away was selling a black this context I started to learn my forst melodies of the ancient Shashmaqom music ( Andrea Romani )

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