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Jan 24: Jazzmaqom and the  kyrgyz ensemble in Europe for the first time!

Kyrgyzstan  2022
the Concert at the Philarmonie of Bichkek: 

In September 2022 JazzMaqom joined the Tengir-too Ensemble directed by the great master Nurlanbek Nishanov. A total of 9 musicians, 5 days residence and 3 great concerts (the first at Philharmonie of Bishkek!) It is our first collaboration also with Claudio Puntin with his Bass Clarinet and electronics from Berlin. This chapter of our adventures in Central Asia is funded by the Institut Franco-Allemand de Bishkek, a special thanks to Lola Rogez (Alliance Française) and Nargiza Beksalova (Goethe Institut). We have already been working from distance on the arrangements of traditional Kyrgyz songs and composing music inspired to it since months! A big adventure and experiment 

By bringing the maqôms to life in a different way, it is also a question of making this form better

known as

in its original form as  a cultural 



REsearch on field-cultural heritage

During our trip to Kyrgyzstan, Nurlanbek Nishanov invited some Manaschi and traditional musicians in his house, with the help of IFEAC ( French Institute for Central Asian Students - Xavier Hallez ) we managed to shoot some moments of their performances and open the door for further researches.

The Epic of Manas in Kyrgyzstan is perhaps the most famous part of Kyrgyz culture, and is (arguably) the longest epic poem in the world. At 20 times longer than the Odyssey, this epic tells the life of Manas, an epic warrior, and his son and grandson. The original tale was passed orally from performer to performer, who were known as manaschi. During the performance the teller often experience "trance", an element of sciamanic tradition.

for more info about Manas epic poem here :


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