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the project

The general idea of ​​the project is to carry out a series of meetings/residencies/concerts between Jazz and Maqom in the countries extending along the road from silk. 


A team of musicians, "Jazz brought to the Orient", collaborates with local musicians to achieve an original concert, based on the maqoms of the country of residence and infusing elements of jazz language. The idea is to make maqoms or local traditional music “live differently”. 


In the concert there are moments when traditional songs are played in a traditional way by the local musicians, as well as moments when compositions from the jazz or western musician are played; there are sorts of musical TRANSITIONS and SUPERPOSITIONS between the two different sounds, a game of question-answer. Sometimes we also take the risk of trying to take steps into the mutual different field and cultures of the two sides of the orchestra. Some free improvisation ( free jazz style also ) could happen too.

the first steps: OUzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, tajikistan....



The roots of Uzbek music go back to ancient times. Learned music, be art
to interpret the maqôms, is very close to the Turkish-Persian practice, and dates 15thcentury. And this practice is very open to improvisation. The JazzMaqom project offers a musical fresco that integrates jazz language and form traditional Uzbek Maqôms, to offer the public a new experience auditory. In 2023 another stepof the project has been implemented in Kyrgyzstan, In 2024 another residence in Tajikistan and in Ouzbekistan will give another impulse to Jazz Maqom ( text to be continued - work in progress ) 


-   Highlight the Uzbek intangible cultural heritage represented by the maqôms and by "makam" of other countries along the Silk Road;

-   Integrate jazz language and traditional musical form of Uzbek maqôms to create a new musical object, which makes maqôms live differently while being well rooted in this ancestral practice.

-   Perform concerts with a mixed team of musicians of jazz culture and Maqôm, from Tashkent to Paris, along the Silk Road.

And it is with great pleasure that the team will send this musical dialogue completely
original closer to European ears in 2022!


By bringing the maqôms to life in a different way, it is also a question of making this form better known as original. Because the peculiarities of Uzbek maqôms are little known outside of Uzbekistan. In addition to offering experience concerts with a team of musicians combining the twocultures - Jazz and Maqom - this cooperation and exchange project is an element of enhancement of Uzbek intangible cultural heritage.


A flamboyant team of musicians have embarked on the adventure on the European side: Andréa Romani (Ney), Anne Paceo (drums), Alexis Bajot-Nercessian (piano), and Apostolos Sideris (double bass). In addition to a well-established jazz culture, they have each developed a very special relationship with the Orient during their lifetime.


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