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project in uzbekistan:

On the European side, the project depends on the vision of four musical artists: Andrea Romani (flute, ney, voice, composition), “Alonisma” project; Alexis Bajot-Nercessian (piano, composition); Anne Paceo on drums, and Apostolos Sideris (contrabass, voice, composition), “Summation.”

On the Asian side we have five Ouzbek musicians ...

Mirzaahmedov Abduvohid:





Botir Kodirov: voice


Muzaffarov Murodxon:





Shuhrat Xolxujaev: Tanbur


Muminova Guzal: Dutor 


By bringing the maqôms to life in a different way, it is also a question of making this form better

known as

in its original form as  a cultural 



produced by Asror Isahodiaev and Embassy of France in Tashkent


Asror Isahodiaev


team of the French Embassy: Laurent Lauriol, Feruza Mukhamedaminova

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