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April 2023
9 musicians - 5 days residence - 2 great concerts National Opera of Duchanbe, "Kohi Soroosh" theatre

By bringing the maqôms to life in a different way, it is also a question of making this form better

known as

in its original form as  a cultural 



Alonisma - the idea on the background


derives from the Greek “threshing of the wheat” and signifies wandering, voyaging in a chaotic fashion, and making frequent errors ( from the Latin “errare,” to wander or to be wrong )


This metaphor represents part of the project’s concept: a voyage along the Silk Road. A kind of musical migration, inspired by structural modes (called Makam or Makhom) of the East, and re encountering along the way the improvisation inherent in jazz. A migration that recalls that of people in flight from wars, displaced from Asia Minor and the Middle East toward the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and Europe.

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