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The idea for the Jazz-Makhom project was initially suggested by the Uzbek manager and musical producer Asror Isahodjaev. The central idea is to create an original melting of jazz and the Uzbek maqom tradition, bringing to life “other-ways” the Uzbek maqoms without altering their essence.


This project has been developed thanks to a collaboration between Uzbek and European musicians and funded by the Embassy of France in Uzbekistan

produced by Asror Isahodiaev and Embassy of France in Tashkent


Asror Isahodiaev

team of the French Embassy: Laurent Lauriol, Feruza Mukhamedaminova

_jazzMaqonUzbekistan (1).png

Alonisma - the idea on the background


derives from the Greek “threshing of the wheat” and signifies wandering, voyaging in a chaotic fashion, and making frequent errors ( from the Latin “errare,” to wander or to be wrong )


This metaphor represents part of the project’s concept: a voyage along the Silk Road. A kind of musical migration, inspired by structural modes (called Makam or Makhom) of the East, and re encountering along the way the improvisation inherent in jazz. A migration that recalls that of people in flight from wars, displaced from Asia Minor and the Middle East toward the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and Europe.

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